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John Rubbo is a lifelong resident of Yonkers and the 4th Council District.  

For many years prior to being elected as the district's City Councilperson,

John was an active member of the community.  He is a member of

the Hyatt Association, Lincoln Park Taxpayers, Yonkers Sons of Italy Lodge

and much more.  As the father of a Yonkers Public school student, John has

taken a more active role in his son's PTA at the PEARLS Hawthorne School.

John believes that our community's success is driven by its active citizenry.  

One of the best things about District 4 and our city is effective and vocal

members of our Community.

John graduated Iona College in 2004 and spent six years in City

government before leaving to start his own business in Yonkers.  In 2012,

John set out on his second entrepreneurial endeavor and began the

Yonkers Brewing Co. Brewery and Restaurant.  Not only does John serve

his community in a civic position, but Councilmember Rubbo also serves his community as a business owner.   John employs 15 part-time and full-time employees.  He understands the importance of a strong minimum wage and the effect it has on the community.

John loves his city.  He works day-in and day-out to serve the people of District 4.  He wants to keep young families in Yonkers and continues to keep Yonkers an affordable place for all generations.  John works hard to share his vision and dreams for a better Yonkers.  As a father of three young boys, Councilman Rubbo wants Yonkers to be a place his children can be proud to say they are from. 

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Together we can accomplish great things!

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Promises Made

Promises Kept

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  • Education will always be a priority for John

  • John's children attend the Yonkers Public Schools

  • In his 3 years on the City Council, John has sent an ADDITIONAL $150+ million in operating and capital improvement dollars to the Yonkers Public Schools 

  • During the pandemic, John helped advocate to send $3 million in additional funding for technology to help our school children  learn while remote

  • John is working with U.S. Senator Kristin Gillabrand's office to deliver much-needed Federal infrastructure dollars to Yonkers Schools

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  • John has worked with Mayor Spano to implement a nightly clean-up crew across the 4th District to pick litter.

  • After garbage cans were removed from across the city, Councilman Rubbo fought to bring the cans back

  • John works closely with the 2nd Police Precinct to fight against burglary and quality of life crimes

  • Join John and community members across the city for "litter pick" days to help keep Yonkers clean

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  • When John ran for office 3 years ago he promised to deliver much needed funding to Parks, Safety and Infrastructure.

  • John has invested more than $575,000 to make interior and exterior improvements to Coyne Park & the Senior Center on McLean Ave. 

  • John has appropriated more than $20 million in paving, sewer and water maintenance work to upgrade our aging infrastructure.

  • John and District 4 led the way in using new paving technology that allows the city to pave 4x as many streets with the same $1

  • John fought to include $1 million in the capital budget to improve Yonkers Ave. with new sidewalks, decorative lamp posts and wastebaskets 



  • Yonkers needs more affordable & workforce housing

  • John is advocating for affordable homeownership and rentals for young people, families and seniors

  • John is advocating for Yonkers to set aside $1 million in the next 5 capital budgets to attract and incentivize affordable developers

  • John is working with the Yonkers Planning Dept. to find solutions for Seniors to "Age in Place" and not be forced from their homes

  • John is working with the Municipal Housing Authority of Yonkers to deliver more affordable units and to lessen building restrictions placed on the city and state by HUD

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  • As Chairman of the Environmental Policy and Protection Committee, John has fought for environmentally friendly laws across Yonkers

  • John was proud to eliminate the use of single-use plastic bags that often found themselves in our trees and sewers


  • Through John's committee, the Yonkers City Council banned the use of plastic straws in Yonkers


  • John worked with Mayor Spano to approve the use of green energy that is purchased in bulk.  This effort will save homeowners hundred's of dollars and will ensure the use of sustainable energy

  • John's work with the environmental conservationists in Yonkers led to the ban the release of latex balloons into the air and banning the abuse of exotic animals

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  • John treats transparency with the highest priority.

  • John has urged the public to participate in City Council, Zoning Board and Planning Board Meetings. 

  • After John began serving on the City Council, the City Council meetings became available on Facebook

  • When John took office he held "Coffee with the Councilman" meetings to hear from the members of the community

  • John has an OPEN DOOR policy and enjoys hearing from members of the community




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